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Extended School Closure 3/18/20

March 18, 2020,

 Dear Fleming School District Community

     The Fleming School continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and is in close contact with various community agencies including the Northeast Colorado Department of Health, the Logan County Emergency Manager and the Colorado Department of Education to assist in decisions related to our response.

     Out of abundance of caution and to allow time for the situation to stabilize, the Fleming School has decided to extend the school closure to March 27, 2020 with a tentative plan to resume school on Tuesday, March 31st. We will be constantly assessing the spread of the virus and will communicate if additional time off from school is warranted.

     Though there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Logan County currently, we want to practice the recommended social distancing and avoid large gatherings of people. Practicing good hygiene and staying home when are simple actions that empower us all to help protect our most vulnerable friends and family (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions). 

     We believe this action will help limit exposure to our area, decrease the spread of the virus, protect vulnerable members of our community and most importantly assist in efforts to not overwhelm our local, regional and statewide health care workers and systems.

     There will be no athletic practices, school activities or community use of facilities. Updates on future school activities will be released as they become available.

     If your child receives controlled medication while at school and you believe you will need it while school is not in session please contact the district office and we will help coordinate pick up with the individual buildings.

     We will be meeting with our teachers at school to develop our plans to provide e-learning for our students at home, along with plans for providing lunch.

     We also want to help dispel rumors and fear by providing the following link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which has the most up to date information.  

     Another resource is the Colorado Help Line. Call 303-389-1687 or 877-462-2911 to talk to a real person. You can also email

     Thank you for your cooperation, please be safe and follow all CDC recommended guidelines to keep our community safe!

 Be well,

 Steve McCracken, Superintendent