• General Class Supply List: 

    • Notebook for notes and assignments
    • Calculator for Accounting
    • Writing Utensil
    • Headphones
  • Course Descriptions: 

    7th/8th Grade Business & Technology: This course will provide the student with various personal finance and technology skills. Topics will include: Budgeting, Introduction to Business concepts, Basic use of Microsoft Office, Presentation tools, and Digital Citizenship. 

    Accounting: Accounting will introduce and expand upon the fundamental accounting principles and procedures used in businesses. Sometimes described as the language of business, the course content typically includes the full accounting cycle, payroll, taxes, debts, depreciation, ledger and journal techniques, and periodic adjustments. Students may learn how to apply standard auditing principles and to prepare budgets and final reports. Calculators, electronic spreadsheets, or other automated tools are usually used. Advanced topics may include elementary principles of partnership and corporate accounting and the managerial uses of control systems and the accounting process.

    Personal Finance: Students will learn the basics of all faucets of personal finance to better prepare for life after high school. Topics include: budgeting, getting/staying out of debt, taxes, buying a home, etc. The curriculum is based on Dave Ramsey's philosophies. 

    Computer Applications: This course is required for graduation and will allow students to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors upon graduation from Fleming. Students will learn about each piece of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

    Business Essentials: This is a basic business course geared primarily toward freshman and sophomore students, but any student may take this course. This a semester long course that covers the basic concepts of business like goods/services, needs/wants, basic economic systems, ethics, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

    Business Management: This course picks up after semester and is a continuation of Business Essentails (though any student can join in at this point). Students will learn the basics of management: human resources, production management, supply management, career and resume skills, etc.

    Yearbook: This course is responsible for the design and production of the Fleming School yearbook. Students will capture the year through pictures and stories. If you are interested in a career in Journalism, this is the course for you!