About me

  • Hello, my name is Kelly Blake. I am originally from Massachusetts, but now consider Colorado home. Growing up in Massachusetts I always enjoyed learning about plants and animals, and spent a majority of my childhood exploring the outdoors. After graduating from Franklin High School I attended Colorado State University where I planned on studying Veterinary medicne. After a few life turns I was led to Agricultural Education which combined two of my passions, Agriculture and Educating young minds.  I have had some very influential teachers throughout my journey, who inspired me to be a teacher as well. 

    I have traveled to Ecuador, studied agriculture in France and explored many european countries. I plant to continue traveling and learning about agriculture around the world in my free time.

    "The importance of agricultural education spans further than the classroom- we need agriculture to survive"

Contact Information

  • Miss Kelly Blake- Agriculture Education Instructor & FFA Advisor


    Desk Phone: 970-265-2022 ext. 323;