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Please Read Keep Moving Northeast BOCES

Keep Moving Northeast BOCES

Dear parents and community members,

As part of our school and community improvement plan, I am working in conjunction with  "Keep Moving: Northeast BOCES" to come up with an improvement plan to help with the needs of our school and community in relationship to our overall wellness.  Part of the planning process is to gather information about the needs in our school and community.  In order to provide solutions, I am asking you to take just a few minutes of your time to take a short survey.  The questions are very self explanatory and will provide me with the information I need in order to move forward with our plan. If you have any questions or any other input that you feel is necessary beyond the survey, please feel free to contact me through my email at the school.  You can also like the Facebook page set up for the Northeast BOCES participating schools to stay informed about the  fun and exciting things that are happening in the surrounding schools.  Check it out on Facebook @ Keep Moving: Northeast BOCES.



Mr. Deron Feather


Here is the link from Survey Monkey: