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Referred Ballot Question 4A

Frenchman School District Ballot Question on the November Ballot

     The ballot question is asking the voters living in the school district boundary to approve the collection of additional “mills” on property taxes.  Without raising additional taxes the district is asking to continue collecting up to 2 mills annually for 7 years through 2027 (for collection in 2028). 

     In 2000 the school district successfully passed a bond issue to replace the roof on the school building.  The bonds for the roof project will be fully paid in 2020.  The District is asking the voters to continue collecting that amount of taxes for 7 more years.

What is a mill levy?
That is the rate charged on assessed value to come up with the amount you owe from property taxes.  For one mill, $1 is charged per $1,000 of assessed value.

Why is School District asking for more funding?
 Additional Mill Levy dollars will provide educational opportunities for our students. We believe a strong school district contributes to a strong community. This is an investment in our children and an investment in our community.  The money generated from this tax stays in the community and goes directly to the school district.

What is the money going to be used for?
There are two basic areas where the additional funding will be used:  transportation and technology.

Transportation:  Replacement of old school buses and vehicles.
Technology: Purchase computers, digital devises and content to support academic programs, and to increase and improve internet access.
Is the Mill Levy Override forever, or will it sunset? 
The Mill Levy Override will end, or sunset, in seven years. That means if the Frenchman School District wanted to continue using these funds it would again have to ask voters to continue the Mill Levy Override, or it would end in 2027.