• Fleming Wildcat Athletics

      Mission Statement

      The mission of the Athletic Department at Fleming Schools is to produce individuals that are dedicated to their community and school members while striving to become student-athletes that achieve success, display sportsmanship and leadership at their highest potential.  With this, we encourage them to become great young men and women as a result of their athletic and academic success.  

      • Core Values
      • Success- A good competitor aspires to compete at the highest level.  Success is built upon an individual giving the best that they have to offer. 
      • Community- An athlete's actions are a reflection of not only themselves but the student body, the faculty, their families, and the community.  Serving and giving back to the community enables the athlete to grow a relationship with members of the town. 
      • Sportsmanship-  Good sportsmanship is just as important as winning and is an act that every student can take pride in.  Having good sportsmanship shows respect for yourself, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and fair play along with following rules and regulations. 
      • Leadership- An athletic leader has qualities that enable them to inspire and provide guidance to their teammates.  A leader always possesses a growth mindset with a positive and approachable attitude. 
      • Academic-  In order to become a student-athlete, the individual's first priority is having commitment to their academic success.  Academic success can be achieved by giving full effort in the classroom, commitment to studies, active participation in class discussions, and being involved in extracurricular activities.  


    Statement created by Blake Feather, Kally Kirkwood, Lexi Schaefer, Quincy Stull and Aitana Tome Carrillo in September 2022
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