• My Teaching Philosophy

    I know that all students may not be the fastest learners, the most disciplined, the most conscientious, the most capable, the most independent, the most inquisitive, or the most willing. But, I believe that all can learn something, and none are more or less deserving than the best that I can give.  All students deserve a caring and compassionate teacher who is considerate of their diverse needs while equitably holding them to high expectations.  One who challenges all students to shine their brightest. It is my belief that each person on this earth has a gift.  These students need to be recognized and valued; understood to the greatest extent possible; encouraged to rise to their greatest potential; and taught with passion, commitment, and love.  We as educators must recognize that education is not a one size fits all.  I accept that not all students will respond to the same methods, presentation, environment, or stimuli.  In order to determine what works best for a particular student, I have to develop a relationship founded on the principles of respect and trust.  I must respect each student as a learner, and he or she will hopefully trust me to be knowledgeable enough to help them learn.