Fleming Band Room Rules

    1. Be Quiet when the Director is working (on and off the podium).
    2. Stay Visible to the Director at all times (don't hide!).
    3. Hold Your Instrument Correctly when playing, and Safely when not playing.
    4. Bring ALL Materials (including a PENCIL) to your seat every day.
    5. Follow Directions Quickly.
    6. Playing Your Instrument ONLY When Given Permission - avoid making other sounds/noises.
    7. Do NOT Touch, Move, Play or otherwise mess with any instrument that does not belong to YOU.
    8. Do NOT Eat, Drink, or Chew during Music/Band Class (water is acceptable in a closeable container).
    9. Clean Up After Yourself.
    10. Be Honest. Be your BEST self.


    • WARNING (verbal or non-verbal)
    • Offending Item Confiscated (i.e. toy, hat, etc)
    • Loss of Class Dojo Points (affects Ensemble Contribution grade in Band Class)
    • Classroom Behavior Report (CBR) (and/or other parent notification)
    • Lunch and/or After-School Detention

    ***OFFICE REFERRAL for Severe or Repeated Incidents